I'm a reporter, editor, and journalism lecturer proficient in data visualization, digital storytelling and audience engagement.

Contact me at h.ta@northeastern.edu.

Data Visualizations

[In development] Anti-Black killings in the mid-century South

A map created with data from The Burnham-Nobles Digital Archive, a digital resource providing documentation about anti-Black killings in the mid-century South. Project uses D3.js.

A breakdown of Boston's 2021 general election results

A precinct-by-precinct maps detailing results of Boston mayoral race and voter turnout with real time data feeds. Project uses Mapbox GL JS, D3.js.

A Guide to Boston's 2021 Mayoral & City Council Race

A district-by-district voters guide map detailing competing candidates with a search function to find corresponding district with an address. Project uses Mapbox GL JS, Geocoder and D3.js.

Analyzing Boston 311 Calls

Project uses D3.js, Tableau and Python to build a scrollytelling piece based on data from Boston 311 calls.

Boston neighborhood finder

A tool to help people find an indeal neighborhood in Boston using three prioritized categories of interest. Project uses Leaflet map and Javascript.

Interactions the Gig Economy

Project uses Adobe Indesign for graphics and D3.js for charts and animation.

H1-B visa quiz

A quiz testing your knowledge of the H1B visa. Project uses Javascript.

Who's sponsoring H1B visas?

Project presents statistics about the most popular non-immigrant work visas for international students in the U.S. Project uses Python for data analysis and D3.js.

Game: Yang's or Trump's?

A game in which "players" guess which words are most used by Trump or Yang by dragging words in corresponding fields. Project uses Python to analyze texts and D3.js to create the game.

Live tracking MBTA train & bus

A realtime location tracker of trains and buses in Boston public transportation, the MBTA. Project uses realtime API from the MBTA, Leaflet map and Javascript.

Early Reactions to COVID-19

A look at how President Trump's reactions contrast those of experts at the pandemic's start. Project uses Python for sentiment analysis, InDesign for graphics and D3.js.

3D plane view prototype

A 3D space prototype in the viewpoint of a plane landing. Project uses THREE.js.

Reporting and Writing

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“The Amount of Violence is Astonishing”: Why Threats to Journalists are Increasing in Iran

As protests following the death of Mahsa Amini continue, the government's desperation to crack down on dissent is intensifying.

How to support journalists experiencing online harassment

Q&A with Elisa Lees Muñoz for Nieman Reports on how online harassment can lead to self-censorship and how newsrooms can keep journalists safe online.

How Minneapolis mapped its own history of racial segregation

Report on The Mapping Prejudice, a project that reveals how inequities can endure — and inspired changes in the law for Experience Magazine.

Jeneé Osterheldt on telling stories of Black triumph, Black joy and celebration of everyday living

Interview with Boston Globe’s columnist Jeneé Osterheldt about her project, A Beautiful Resistance.

South End, Roxbury residents protest conditions on Mass & Cass

Report of protests regarding the opioid crisis in Roxbury and South End. Find more of my reporting at the Scope here.

Boston 2021 city election coverage for The Scope

Interview with Alex Gray, a Boston city council candidate. Find more of my reporting at the Scope here.

Vietnam, worried about its birth rate, pushes women to marry before 30

Get married before 30, a feature story of Vietnamese women's reaction to the country's new restrictive birth policy. Find more of my writing at the Global Observer here. (Photo by Tron Le on Unsplash)

Vietnamese students abroad find refuge at home amid the pandemic

Life of Vietnamese students in public quarantine facilities upon returning home from abroad amid the pandemic. More of my writing at the Global Observer here.

Healthcare innovation leader talks future of health IT

A report on emerging technologies in health IT. Published on TechTarget news site. More of my stories on TechTarget here.

Editing Work

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The Scope Boston

As editor-in-chief, I strategize The Scope's coverage, delivering on average 5 stories per week, including projects with video, audio and data visualization and interactive elements with a team of 4 part-time reporters. I helped launched its first news-by-text service delivering essential COVID-19 information to residents relying on text messaging for communication. During a one year span, I grew The Scope's audience by 140%. The Scope is a digital publication reporting stories of social justice, hope and resilience in Boston underserved neighborhoods.

Global Observer

An online magazine I founded in 2018. The magazine's work has been featured on The Boston Globe, WBUR webcasts and CBS Boston.The Observer began as Northeastern University’s only publication ran by and for international student, focusing on reporting issues facing international students in the U.S., since then, its coverage has expanded to include international news, culture stories, perspectives, and everything in between. The magazine is now run by graduate students at Northeastern University School of Journalism.

Teaching - University Class

Syllabus and materials for Digital Storytelling & Social Media, an undergraduate class I teach at Northeastern University School of Journalism.

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