Data Visualization

Live tracking MBTA train & bus

Project uses realtime API from the MBTA, Leaflet map and Javascript to map live locations of an MBTA train or bus.

H1-B visa quiz

Project uses Javascript to let users take a quiz and receive result for how many correct answers they got.

Boston neighborhood finder

Project uses Leaflet map and Javascript to calculate and identify a user's ideal neighborhood through 3 categories of interest.

Analyzing Yang and Trump's Texts

Project uses Python to analyze texts and D3.js to create a game where users decide which words are used by each candidate.

Interactions the Gig Economy

Project uses D3.js for graphic and charts animation as well as Adobe Indesign for designs.

Analyzing Boston 311 Calls

Project uses D3.js, Tableau and Python to build a scollytelling piece based on data from Boston 311 website.

3D plane view prototype

Project uses Javascript library THREE.js to create a 3D space prototype in the viewpoint of a plane landing.


Global Observer Magazine

An online magazine I founded in 2018 where I remain the managing editor. The magazine has been featured on The Boston Globe, WBUR webcasts and CBS Boston for our reporting of the coronavirus.

Writing and Reporting

TechTarget News site

At TechTarget, I wrote about cybersecurity, data management and health IT featurning interviews with industry experts, analysts and tech companies' CTO.

Writing for other publications

At Northeastern, I wrote stories for Storybench, the Huntington News and the Mission Hill Gazette.


A podcast featuring Martha Durkee-Neuman, a campaign and fundraising organizer in Boston.


A video about Northeastern's improv comedy group called "No Jokes."

Visualization Techniques Projects

Projects of Viz Tech 2 Class

A space dedicated to projects done in isualization Techniques 2 class.