Is presidential candidate Andrew Yang and POTUS Donald Trump's supposed contrast reflected in their speech?

Andrew Yang is an Asian American running as a Demoratic presidential candidate; he is known for his Universal Basic Income plan that would give $1,000 per month every month to all adult U.S. citizens for life. His campaign slogan, "MATH" (Make America Think Harder), is seen as a play on Donald Trump infamous "MAGA" (Make American Great Again).

Even though both Trump and Yang are businessmen with little political background before running for president, Yang touts himself as the polar opposite of president Trump, because he is "an Asian man who loves Math." Is the supposed contrast between these two candidates reflected in their speech. We analyzed Trump and Yang's speeches to find out the words used uniquely* between them. Can you guess which words are used uniquely by Yang and which by Trump?

Two modes: 2019 and 2020 are available for the game. The current game is in 2019, use the toggle button to continue to 2020 mode. Then start playing by dragging all words to Yang or Trump's box. The number on the circle indicates the times a word is used throughout the speeches analyzed. When you are done, click the "Get result" button to see the right answers.

*We analyzed a total of 9 speeches in 2019 and 5 speeches in 2020 by Andrew Yang and 6 speeches in 2019 and 2 speeches in 2020 by Trump that are available on YouTube. The list of the speeches used can be found here. The number on the circle indicates the times a word is used throughout respective speeches.